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    How can I find my custom panel in CS5 using java script


      -I made an empty panel using Adobe Configurator 2 and then exported it to /Panels folder.

      -My custom panel is now in photoshop and works.

      -I added a simple code to onPanelInit():


      function onPanelInit()
          var myWindow = new Window ("dialog");
          var myMessage = myWindow.add ("statictext");
          myMessage.text = "Hello, world!";
          myWindow.show ( );


      so far so good.

      Now instead of creating a new window like I did above, I want to use the new custom panel and add a text to it.

      The problem is, how do I do that in java? Where can I find the panel that I should assign the text to?


      I know that you can add the text in Configurator, or you can edit the .xml file and add the button there, but my

      plan is to create a panel where i can add and remove buttons dynamically and that's why I have to do that in java.

      Any help would be appreciated!



      Petri J