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    MIF and cross references




      I created a simple MIF file:




              <PgfTag `Body'>

              <Pgf <PgfFont <FSize  9.0 pt> >>


                  <String `Please see the '>


                      <XRefName `FunctionReference'>

                      <XRefSrcText `Table: foo'>

                      <XRefSrcFile `'>



                  <String `for details.'>





      When I insert this into an existing document, there is a newline exactly where the reference should be. I could not manage to remove it. How can I get avoid of the ugly newline? Even after updating the references I get


      Please see the

      Function foo

      for details.


      instead of


      Please see the Function foo for details.



      Furthermore I defined the cross reference format as "<X-ref><$elemtext>" but the link does not work in Acrobat (although it is blue and underlined). What could be the problem?


      And finally, when I use the MIF file as an inset, the XRefFormats do not update :-( They seem once to be imported and never updated. This means when I change the format of the reference in the MIF file, the changes are not reflected in the document which includes the MIF file - not even after removing and re-inserting. The one thing that helps is to manually delete the format. Is there a way to avoid this?