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    QTP Flex Recording issue (javascript / json)

      Greetings everyone,

      Our dev and QA teams have an issue that prevents us from recording tests on QTP for a Flex app. Basically, when you access the flex app QTP does not record any of the interactions with it (as though the automation libraries were not included at all).

      We’ve narrowed down the issue to two of the javascript include files we have in our wrapper file that contains the Flex app. We’re using a runtimeloading.swf file to get the automation libraries. The wrapper file QTPTest_cc.html calls the runtimeloading app which loads the QTPTest app. As long as the javascript includes are in the wrapper file, QTP will not record actions on the app. Remove them from the wrapper, and QTP will record actions as normal. The javascript files are json.js and prototype.js. They contain public domain javascript code that helps with AJAX and data interchange.

      This is a high priority issue for us. I’m currently researching why the javascript code interferes with the Flex QTP interaction, but as I don’t understand the inner workings of either I imagine it will be slow going. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

      As an example the following code is an excert from json.js and is enough by itself to prevent recording from working on the Flex app. As another note: when I create a simple HTML app that includes this code QTP DOES record it just fine. So it seems to have to do with interaction between QTP/Flex and this code. Are there any Flex/QTP debugging flags or monitors that could be turned on to see what is going on? Any suggestions?