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    P2 Editors - Little help - Is this a Known Issue?


      Does PPro crash with large P2 files?

      Just upgraded our systems to cs5.5 - They all crash when playing P2 AVCIntra 100mbs files larger than 4gb. Tested on three different PC's and any P2 file that is larger than the base 4gb crashes PPro 5.5 while scrubbing through timeline - but the same files work fine on those same PC's while in PPro 5.0. 


      Its been many days since i last spoke with Adobe tech support (no surprise there - they were going to get right back to us while raising the case to tier 2 support) - and seemingly wasted 14 hours over three days with them prior to that.


      Also, understanding the P2 file structure, do your video files within PPro show the full amount of all the files within a clip? or should it just show as 4gb?? -- when, in this case, most are 20 -30gb.  Both our 5.0 and 5.5 systems show 4gb even if they are more.

      Thanks for any input or quick testing anyone might do on this?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm curious, how did you overcome the FAT32 (native to P2 media) file system limits of 4GB for any given file?

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            rejdmast1 Level 2

            Sounds like you are importing the files incorrectly.


            Use the media browser within Premiere Pro and navigate to the Contents folder of your P2 media.  You should see the spanned P2 clips.  Then, just drag them to your project folder.  Works fine for me with 20-30 GB files with PP CS5.5.2 on Window 7 x64.


            Within Premiere Pro help, search for "import P2 media".  It is all explained there.  Let us know how you make out.

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              mmcalonie Level 1

              Thank you for the replys guys!


              Jim, I am not sure what you mean but I believe that I understand the P2 file structure and the 4gb limits of fat32 - and the spanning.


              Heres whats happening:

              Direct copy and paste via laptop from P2 card (recorded by HPX370) to PC hard drive.

              AVCIntra 100mbs files imported through media browser

              Clips play fine in the preview monitor- no crash from preview monitor. (i understand that the preview monitor is a totally different animal than the timeline playback)

              PPro crashes while scrubbing through the totality of these long clips on timeline - Sometimes it takes 40 or 50 secs but eventually it always crashes when moving the cti around that long clip.

              If i am careful, i can keep it from crashing by not being aggressive with scrubbing. I assume that if I manage to stay in any one 4gb chunk its ok with that but once I start going from one end of the clip to the other quickly it crashes. No blue screen just PPro stops working.


              Note: Any clip that is shorter than the 4gb has no issue. And I have duplicated this same issue on three very different rigs - I know that sound nuts, I am baffled as well.


              To be clear on the file size - All the project panel information is complete and correct- timecode, duration etc.  But, any clip which is longer and larger than 4gb only shows as 4gb when right click to properties. - thats actually technically correct, but its been a topic of discussion  as to whether or not it should show the size for that file - OR the size of all spanned clips???  I have been working with P2 for four years and have never seen it read larger than 4gb - I bet if you checked you might find it the same?  All that said, I dont know that that is an issue or even related to my real problem of crashing while scrubbing on the timeline.


              Might one of you be able to test a large clip and let me know what the properties of the file in the project panel show as? - It'd be great if I could rule that out.


              Thank You!

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                rejdmast1 Level 2

                OK, I have two P2  clips (AVC Intra - 100mbps) on my timeline - one is 53 min 58 sec and the other is 16 min 8 sec.


                Both clips show as 4 GB in length in the Properties panel.  Constant scrubbing of both clips is rock solid.


                FYI, I am using an Nvida GTX580M graphics card with 280.26 drivers.

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                  mmcalonie Level 1

                  Thanks for testing that. Atleast I know that the 4gb file size is not a related issue.