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    Manual use of effects/transitions from themes...


      I am new to PE, just installed PE10 yesterday... I wish to use the effects/transitions that are in the instant movie (themes) manually, but they are not provided as choices from the effects/transition menus.  Is there any way to use them?  The instant movie feature doesn't allow for the video editing I require. Thanks.*

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Unless it has been remvoed, one can apply Themes, and then chose to Break Apart, to do individual editing. If it has been removed, others will correct me.


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            Nash_John Level 3

            As Bill said there is this facility called 'Break Apart Instant Movie' in the right click menu on Instant movie, which breaks apart the Instant movie into its components. You can do editing on these parts.


            And the effects/transitions used in Instant movie are very well present in the effects/tarnsitions menus. All effects/transitions/titles used in Instant Movies are present there.

            And if you want to know what effects/transition was applied in Instant Movie, you can Break Apart it. In the broken components, select the clip whose/effect/transition you want to know and click on Properties button(which is below the monitor).

            It will give you the name of effect/transition used.