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    Basic questions


      Rather embarassed to ask such basic questions, but I am stumped.


      Potentially moving team from Dreamweaver CS3 to CFBuilder. Evaluated DW CS5.5, but it was so awful I returned it! Now evaluating CFBuilder.


      We have a very basic environment - testserver, developer workstations (PCs), production server.


      After installing CFB I used the import function to set up a ColdFusion project.  So far so good - FTP works, RDS works, some elements are not as good as DW (autocomplete closing tags, for example, is a bit hit and miss), others are *way* better....


      Okay, so 3 things I really miss, and need help on. The first is a potential showstopper.


      - File Compare. How can I compare the file in the editor with it's equivalent on the production server? WinMerge worked really well integrated in DW.


      - Niggle - how do I map UDFs? Any tips? Obviously project-properties-coldfusion mapping variables, but I have tried the obvious mappings - udfs.general, udfs.general.cfm, even an absolute path (z:/website/udfs/general.cfm), nothing seems to work, I still get unresolved function errors.


      - Niggle - probably an enhancement request - a great timesaver in DreamWeaver is tha ablilty to be able to click on a path+filename (for example in a cfinclude) and it would open that file.  We have a lot of cfincludes.  Anybody came across a way fo doing it in CFB?


      I really do also miss the basic edit idons - cut/copy/paste/undo/redo.  I know that there are keyboard shortcuts, but it slows me down not having both - and seems so simple! Anybody know any extensions which fix this?


      Thanks in advance.

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          p3142 Level 1

          Ignore last sentence about the basic edit icons - I wrote a dropin for them (undo/redo/cut/edit/paste). So that's another one off the list :-)

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            Evelin Varghese Level 2

            For File comapre , if you have both the files in the navigator view you select both the files and then do a right click->Compare Each other.


            How do you use those UDF's? Are they in a cfc ? OR do you include those CFM's?


            To open the included template keep the cursor over the value of template of cfinclude tag , hold the CTRL key and click .This should open the included file.



            Evelin Varghese

            Adobe ColdFusion Team


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              p3142 Level 1

              Thanks Evelin.


              For file compare, I am trying to compare a local file and a remote file; two seperate files on two seperate servers (development and production). So I am probably being dense, but they both would not be in the navigator view...unless you recommend creating two projects, local and remote, in the navigator view....the remote being kept in sync over FTP...wonder what the performance would be...


              The UDFs are in a CFM, in the path decribed above.  CFBuilder automatically finds the CFCs fine -  I just need to work out how to set up the mapping to the UDF file.


              RE: your last comment: Brilliant!  I looked all over for that simple trick!  Thank you!

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                Evelin Varghese Level 2

                If you have not created a synchronisation connection of your local folder with the remote site, you can do so  by following the steps described here- http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusionBuilder/2.0/Using//WSf01dbd23413dda0e1736ebc1213a528 ab0-7feb.html


                After creating a synchronisation connection follow the below steps.

                • Right click on the local file that you want to compare .
                • Select synchronise.It will show a Smart sync screen which will list the file .
                • Righ click on the file and choose show difference.



                Evelin Varghese

                Adobe ColdFusion Team


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                  p3142 Level 1

                  Wow, thanks Evelin. I had already set up the synchronisation connection for the FTP, but never thought to right-click those file names.


                  (Still delighted about how to open a template!)


                  You have been a great help, and I appreciate your time; CFBuilder is very different from Dreamweaver, but is much superior as an IDE.  Now we have resolved these questions, we're going to move to CFBuilder.


                  If you have any thoughts about mapping those UDFs, that would be appreciated. It is a "low want", but would be nice.

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                    charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    For more such CFB hidden gems, see the two talks I did on this topic (plenty of content in the slides, and recordings available as well):





                    Don’t skip the first because you’re now on CFB2. The talks are additive, simply because there were so many also in CFB2 itself! For instance, the first talk covers things like the hoverctrlclick (for includes and much more!) as well as the FTP stuff, and lots, lots more.


                    Hope that’s helpful.