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    Topic Text disappears when upgrading to RoboHelp 7

      When upgrading a French webhelp project from RoboHelp 5 to RoboHelp 7, the topic text is deleted in context-sensitive help topics. When you click the Help button in the application, the topic appears, but is blank. When I rechecked the input, the topic was also blank. The topic appears just fine in both the input and the output prior to the upgrade of the project.

      These topics upgrade just fine in the US English version of the same webhelp project. Does that mean that the translated French project must be retranslated from the upgraded US English version instead of just upgrading it directly? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi gomayfield

          You would do well to examine the HTML code behind these "blank" topics. I recently was assisting someone that upgraded to RoboHelp 7 and they had some blank topics. Upon closer examination, there was a substantial amount of text in the topic. Somehow, some odd coding had caused RoboHelp to insert a closing Body tag. This rendered the topic blank in the Design view.

          Cheers... Rick