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    Animating arrows with growing "tails"


      I'm trying to simulate an arrow growing (specifically the tail of the arrow growing...not the arrow head itself).



      The arrow head would move along a certain path and would effectively leave a trail behind it that is it's tail.



      In the attached image, there would be a blank screen and then the arrow would come out from the bottom and follow an imaginary path, leaving the tail behind it.



      Having a hard time figuring out how to pull this off.https://img.skitch.com/20120321-m6krmay1h1wqrucntfjadauk7w.png

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It's not too tough, but it does need a few layers.


          Begin with a square-pixel comp that's taller than you actually need.  You'll nest it in your main comp later.  Make a solid, and make the shape of the arrow's "body" with the pen tool.  Forget about the arrowhead for a moment. Apply the Stroke effect to it to animate the curved line. 


          Making the arrowhead takes two solids: one smallish square solid to act as a track matte for the end of the stroke -- stroke has a circular brush, and you need to square it off -- and a solid with a triangle mask, which is the arrowhead.  Copy the mask you made into for the arrow body into each solid's position property.  Use the Orient Along Path command for each, adjust anchor points and rotation as necessary, then tweak keyframes to adjust timing.


          That's one arrow done.  Repeat as necessary.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Josh, may I ask that you not always post your questions in a million different places and focus on the one place where you think you will get the best answers? Read this classic for the many reasons...



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              Shpigford Level 1

              Thanks for your help Dave! Wish it didn't require quite so many steps (I've got probably 100 different paths and arrows to recreate), but it is what it is.