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    Invalidly Saving JPEG




      I'm working with Photoshop 7 on a pretty new PC, and I keep having trouble with saving JPEG files. Initially, I was able to save them just fine, but now they are saving as invalid files. The program is not crashing mid-save (unless it is crashing and recovering without me needing to re-open it). Other file types seem to be saving just fine, though PNG ones seem a little touchy.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me with this frustrating problem!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          How are you determining the files are invalid?


          Are you changing the actual Format: field to JPEG as well as naming the file .jpg?



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            CarbonCrux Level 1

            In the case of the JPEG files, they won't show up as thumbnails in my own directories, and whenever I try to open them I get the error message: "Could not open (file name) because of an unknown or invalid JPEG markter type is found." As you may guess, when people try to open them receive the files, they also get a message about the file being invalid. The PNGs show up for me, but the receivers tell me that file is not supported by their computers, which obviously shouldn't be a problem for that basic a file.


            I am indeed changing the format to JPEG, not just the file extension.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Perhaps you are using some metadata somewhere that your ancient version of PS can't handle. That aside Windows' own image viewers are far from sophisticated and can't handle several image files correctly, including various JPEG flavors. Therefore review them in an image viewer liek IrfanView, XnView, ACDSee etc. This will alsos help with figuring out the compatibility issues by inspecting and removing metadata and file specs and possibly saving from those viewers.



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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                Try resetting the ps 7 preferences:





                Also what operating system?


                And how are you saving the jpegs: save for web or save as?

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                  CarbonCrux Level 1



                  Tried resetting ps7 preferences as per the guide; sadly, that didn't help.


                  I'm using Windows 7 for my OS, and 'saving as' my files. The pictures are pretty large, and saving for web usually slows my computer to a non-functional crawl.




                  Thanks for the info, but I'm very much a beginner at this- is there somewhere I can learn more about this 'metadata' of which you speak, and about how viewing an image via a different program may help me out?



                  Thanks all! Sorry I'm so slow with this!

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    Photoshop 7.0 is, frankly, ancient.


                    If you're a beginner trying to develop the ability to edit photos, may I suggest upgrading to a current version of Photoshop.  You're doing yourself no favors by trying to learn with an outdated program.


                    If Photoshop CS5 is too pricey for you, consider Photoshop Elements 10, which is pretty reasonable, and has more functionality all around than Photoshop 7.0.



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                      Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                      Are the jpegs from files your opening , then doing some editing and then saving?

                      In other words where are the source images coming from and what format are they in?


                      Are you using windows 7 64 or 32 bit?


                      Do you have the 7.01 update installed?


                      Could you possibly post a screenshot of your save as dialog using the settings that yor using to save the jpegs?


                      Are you saving to the same drive that ps 7 is on or a different drive and have you tried saving just to your desktop?


                      When you enter the the save as dialog and choose jpeg for the format, do you actually see the the file extension change to jpeg in the save as dialog?


                      In your windows 7 folder view options do you have Hide extensions for known file types checked or unchecked?


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                        CarbonCrux Level 1

                        @Noel_Carboni - Luckily, I have a check coming in from a job, so I'll be upgrading my program as soon as that goes through. This experience has definately encouraged me to lay down the cash for a shiny new program. Thanks for the advice!


                        @R_Kelly - I'm not at my graphic design computer at the moment, but I'll edit this later with all the information you've requested:

                        1: Source images are from the internet, merged together for a poster which I usually save in Photoshop format for editing convenience. When I'm done, I save a copy of the image as a jpeg

                        2: Pretty sure 64 bit, but I'll have to double check

                        3: Nope.

                        4: Will do next time I'm on the computer.

                        5: I've tried saving both to my C drive and to my external; I'll try saving to my desktop next time around.

                        6: Pretty sure yes, but I'll have to double check.

                        7: Unsure; I'll have to check



                        Sidenote- A friend of mine suggested that the color profiles for the imported images may have been wonky, and recommended that I clear those settings. After doing so, I was able to save a 'functional' jpeg, and was very pleased for all of 5 minutes. Of course, when my client asked me to make some changes to the file, I went back and did so in on the original photoshop file and tried to save another working jpeg copy without success. I immediately purged the color settings, but this didn't help the second time around. I'm about read to blame ghosts and be done with it, to be honest.

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                          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                          As Noel said ps 7 is getting kinda long in tooth and cs5 or cs6 which is coming in a few months, has tons of new useful features that ps 7 didn't have.

                          Plus cs5/cs6 can use a lot more ram and use bigger hard drives (over 1 tb)