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    Lock form & email as PDF Javascript

    nsoz7 Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I am using Adobe Acrobat X and creating a Forms natively. We do not use LiveCycle.


      So I have created a form with several fields, buttons a date picker - some of which I have found online.


      The forms that I will be creating will be placed on the Intranet of the Organisation that I work for.


      So what I need is for our users to fill out the form online. Press the Submit button. When they press submit the form must lock all the contents. We do not want to contents edited when it reaches its destination. The submit button will also call up the default email program, populate the TO: field with a specified email address and the Subject field with specified text.


      The form must arrive at its destination in PDF format.


      Been stuck on this one for a while. I used some simple html with the submit button for a while and that mostly worked except the part about locking the form.


      So if someone can java me up a solution i would greatly appreciate it.


      I have tried a few of the solutions a few solutions from the lifecycle partof the forum but apparently the java is different!


      Many thanks,