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    Matching Frame Rate for a BD Burn




      I am currently attempting to burn a 2.5 hour game project to BD.  Source footage came from a pansonic ag-hmc 40 recorded at 1280 x 720 progressive.


      The source file settings and project settings match.  1280 x 720 progressive (29.97 fps).


      I am planning on burning this project to BD, so I have attempted to export to H.264 and/or mpeg2 blue ray.


      I would prefer the H.264 but not sure if that is my best option.....However I have encountered a problem.  There is no option for 29.97 in either of the Blue Ray Formats mentioned above. .


      When i go down to set the frame rate on my ouput settings to match my source and sequence settings of (29.97)...the 29.97 is not an option.

      The only choices are:





      Automatic (Based on Source)


      I thought Automatic based on source would work but when I select that choice it puts 24 fps as the output ?


      Can someone tell me:


      1. how I am messed up and can fix the problem.

      2. The best solution to go from here.

      3. And should I not use 720p if  my destination is BD


      Thanks in advance for your help.