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    Updating Excel Links In InDesign

    Bobby Crosbo Level 1

      Here is the scenario: I have imported Excel data in to an InDesign CS5.5 document. I then apply cell styles and paragraph styles to that table's cell(s). When the data in the Excel file is changed, I update the links in the InDesign 'Links' window just as one would do if an EPS, PSD or TIFF file had changed.


      My problem is that when I update the linked data, I lose all of my text formatting. InDesign changes all the text within the linked cells to the 'basic' character style setting. I'm using six different paragraph and cell styles.


      I've tried changing every aspect of the original import dialog box, every checkbox of cells tyles, paragraph styles, table styles, character styles, but I cannot avoid the reformatting of the text after it is updated. I can easily re-apply the paragraph styles to the tables and/or cells after the update of the Excel linked data, but I am trying to solve his problem in the most 'hands-free' way possible.


      I've tried a demo of 'DataLinker' by Teacup Software and I couldn't get that to work. It seems as though it is really is meant for more high-end applications.


      Does anyone have any ideas? If I can't get this to work within InDesign, I either have to watch for it to be remedied in CS6, or hire it out to someone who can script it.


      TIA for any help at all.