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    Converting Screen Layer Blend Modes to CMYK?

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      Hi all,


      I've created some graphic artwork in Photoshop RGB, and now its time to output these graphics to an Illustrator CMYK file.


      I have a bunch of layers that I have created for lens flares / light effects and I created these via filling a layer black and then using the Lens Flare Filter and then converting the layer to a Screen layer blend.


      I notice that when I convert to CMYK in photoshop I lose the effect of those screen layers, is there anyway I can get those layers to look the same in CMYK without having recreate them from scratch in the CMYK space?


      In my illustrator file I have a gradient background and was hoping to bring in these transparent lense flare lighting effects to place over the top of the gradient. I was thinking I might be able to merge the layers in photoshop but unfortuantley I need those screen layers to remain transparent.


      I also tried turning the layer to normal 100%, convert to CMYK, placing into my CMYK illustrator file and then changing the layer to screen mode there but its doesnt look the same, its turn transparent like I wanted but it looks like where there is transparency there is a 25% opacity white.


      Any help would be great