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    Newbie question about Dynamic Text + ActionScript


      I've got a two keyframe file. Frame 1 has a dynamic text block instance called "my_txt".

      Frame 2 has the following actionscript (and does not contain the dynamic text block):


      When testing this file the screen is blank and the playhead seems stuck on frame 1. I would expect the movie to progress to frame 2, change the dynamic text, go back to frame 1 and blink "hello" in an endless loop.
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          two things - you can only set the contents of a textfield if that textfield exists currently on the stage. so if on frame 2 you're trying to set the contents of my_txt and my_txt does not exist on the stage, then nothing will happen.
          second - although it may look as though it is stuck on frame 1, it is actually going to frame 2, but because the actionscript on frame 2 tells flash to go to frame 1, it does this instantaneously rather than playing frame 2 at the frame rate of the fla.