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    Bone Tool Outline Problem!



      I am rather new to Flash and I've been trying to make an animation using the bone tool using Flash CS5.


      The problem is that whenever I move the drawing, it changes color of the outline around the object.

      This is what the image looks like before I try to move it.


      There is a line on top of the leg that is supposed to be the same beige color as the fill in the leg and the body so that it looks like the leg and the body are connected instead of looking like two seperate objects.


      However, when I move the armature, it does this.

      armature 2.png

      As you can see, it changed the color of the line on top to that of the outline of the leg. Now I find this a little bit weird since it did not change the color of the pink lines in the bottom. This is very annoying since it makes it look very ugly and unnatural.


      So I would like to know why this is happening and how I can prevent it from happening. Like I said, I am new at Flash animation, so any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!