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    audio wave export question... quality loss on export?

    Kevin Pavlovic Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've imported a few wave files into my sequence and made a few edits to them (trimmed a few silent areas). I have not adjusted the gain to the individual clips, and left all tracks and the master levels in the audio mixer at 0.  When I export the audio as waves, the output files are 3 or 4 decibles quieter than the originals.  I was expecting audio gain to not degrade when just making a few simple cuts. Am I doing something wrong?


      I have source audio wave files that are:

        480000 Hz - 24-bit - Mono


      I've set up a Premiere sequence as:

        480000 Hz - Mono  (didn't find any settings for bit)


      I'm exporting:

        Windows Waveform


        480000 Hz - 24-bit - Mono


      I realize I could do this in an audio specific program, but thought this would be simple enough for premiere, and it was just easier to keep it with my video project.


      Thanks for any help.