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    flash installed fine, but not displaying flash content

    html5plzkillflash Level 1

      first i would like to say this is working on some of our workstations, while others flash is installed, but doesn't display properly and when the mouse pointer is moved over the flash area it will show up choppy and start showing random parts of the flash content as you move the pointer around.


      all computers are IE 9 and Windows 7 64bit and for the most part are configured the same. Tried uninstalling flash and reinstalling, restart, clearing browser, nothing works on the affected workstations, I've tried everything I can think of and I'm about out of ideas. the version installed is the current version as of today, 3/21/2012


      as you can see in this image, the test flash is not showing any content, but when right clicked is a flash object, showing the current version of the installed player.