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    Textfields - how to get data from a file or Excel-file?


      Hi guys


      I need some help with my Acrobat-form. Not sure if this is even possible, but I'll give it a try.

      I have a textfield1 that a user must enter a number, for example zipcode. And in textfield2, the statename must automatically be displayed. If possible I would also add a textfield3 that also automatically displays, for example the countryname.



      Textfield1 = 92688

      Textfield2 = California (displays automatically when 92688 is typed in)

      Textfield3 = USA (displays automatically when 92688 is typed in)


      The list with these 3 fields are accessible in a link that, for examples: http://www.test.com/list.xls

      I hope the file can be an Excel file. Other filetypes can work too if I don't have other choices.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You have two major problems here:

          1. Reading an XLS file is not possible. It must be a plain-text file, like CSV or TXT.

          2. Reading a file over the internet is also not possible (well, it might be, but it is extremely tricky and won't work with Reader, unless that file is a PDF).


          But from the description of your problem it doesn't seem to me that this information has to be read from an online source. Why not embed this information in the file itself? That would be a much better solution. The zipcodes don't change that often, do they?