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    Upgrade ES2.5 to ES3


      hello everybody


      we've installed es3 a couple of weeks ago and now i've to adapt the services for that which is a little bit of a problem.

      maybe someone have a clou or so.


      first the setup:


      we are running es3 on redhat linux & jboss server


      there is one process deployed which just distinguishes if it should build pdf or ps files.


      we are connecting to this process like the below example


      ServiceClientFactory srvClientfactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(props);



                     srvClientfactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(props);


                      parameter = getInputParameters(request,tmpXdpName, formDoc,docData, outputPath, outputFilename);


                      InvocationRequest lcRequest = srvClientfactory.createInvocationRequest(PROCESS_NAME, OPERATION_NAME, parameter, true);


                      lcResponse = srvClientfactory.getServiceClient().invoke(lcRequest);


      when running this code it works for 2.5 but not for 3.0 - the error is always





      now i searched for the new jbossall_client.jar and found it - strangely this one has now only about 4 KB - mine has 4.5 MB ...


      last time i've upgraded from 8.0 to 9.x it worked with a little bit of a change - now i'm a little lost ...


      is there anybody out there who has a hint or so?


      don't know which api now is currently used or has to be used!


      thank you