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    Why did my file get huge?

    Greg Parks

      I'm working on a long document in CS5.5 that's mostly text; there are only 4 linked BW images in ~140 pages. I needed to export it for someone who is working in CS4, so following the instructions, I updated to 7.5.2, then exported the IDML. I then saved the document and the file size grew from about 19MB to 103MB.


      What's more, the exported IDML file is only 535KB. The raw text file that I placed, which makes up 98% of the InDesign document is 1.1 MB.


      Now here's something I find really interesting... I opened the IDML file in CS5.5 and saved the results (which seem to be identical to the original ID document) and it weighs in at only 9MB.


      Any thoughts? (Besides WTF?)




      [Mac OS X 10.7.3]

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          Exporting as IDML is not only the method to allows the version of ID just previous to the one being presetly used to open a file, it's also used to clean out excess information that builds up in a file. If you still have the original file (i.e., you didn't write over it with the exported version), try doing a save-as (you will want to choose a different name or location, so as to not overwrite the original) and see how much it weighs.

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            I am having the same problem, only my file size has grown from 55 MB to 2 GB in two days, even though all I am doing is editing the text.  My images are not embedded, so I don't know why this is happening...  I hope you get an intelligent response to this problem.

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              Greg Parks Level 1

              I never did get an answer as to WHY this happens, but my experience and Michael's suggestion that exporting the file as IDML, then using that file seems to work.

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                xlfeppppp Level 1

                It worked for me, too, and the file that had grown to 1,766,796 KB went back down to a very reasonable 35,872 KB. 


                The only (very slight) problem I encountered is that when I re-opened the file, the page numbering had shifted so that page 1 was page 302 (previously the last page in my file), so I had to adjust that. 


                Everything else seems fine, and I am very grateful.


                The only thing I can find for why this happens is that "somehow" the file gets corrupted and that doing the IDML export fixes it.