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    Flex services with multiple return types




      We are creating a webapplication with flex and php.

      Everything is working very good, until we got to the library part of the application.


      Every service so far had only 1 return type (eg: User, Group, ...)


      Now for the library we want to return a ArrayCollection of different types of objects. To be more specific the LibraryService should return a ArrayCollection containing Folder and File objects.

      But how to configure this in Flex (Flash Builder 4 (standard))?

      So far it converts every object to the type Object, i would really like it to be Folder or File


      The only solution we can think of right now is to create a new object Library that will contain 2 ArrayCollections, one of type Folder and one of type File. This could work ofcourse, but I wonder if there is a better solution for this OR that i can configure multiple return types for a service.


      Any ideas/advice is greatly appreciated.