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    Flex data services installable ..

      Hello Friends,
      Pretty basic question - I am pretty new to Flex and I am in the process of learning Flex basics. I wanted to use Flex data services and was wondering where exactly can I download the Flex Data Services.

      My current environment:
      1.Flex Builder 3.0, SDK 3.0
      2. Tomcat web server.

      The link in the adobe website takes me to Flex Builder 3.0 installation only. I am confused here as to where can I download flex data services. Any help would be truly appreciated.

      Arun B
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          Hi Arun,

          I'd be happy to assist you to the best of my ability considering I struggled getting feedback on dataservices in this forum myself. "Flex Data Services" no longer exists. It is now Blazeds ( http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/blazeds/BlazeDS ). Flex Builder 3.0 is just an IDE, which you don't necessarily need(a regular text editor will do), but you will need however the flex 3 sdk to compile your work. I had a lot of trouble trying to use flex 2 code for flex data services with the new flex 3 and the old flex data services, so be cautious with that(I never succeeded). Hope that helps!
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            trent_sc Level 1
            Sorry if the last part was a little misleading. I had trouble recompiling a flex 2 app that used fds into flex 3. The flex 3 compile threw errors that mx.data.* classes couldn't be found, so apparently those entire libraries were dropped from flex 3??? I gave up on it, but hopefully that will help you from running into any roadblocks.