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    Premiere 10 only sound

    Ulle PrE10

      I'm using PrE 10 and trying to import AVCHD-video (MTS) from a folder (or card reader or Camera).

      I can see a thumbnail of the file and I can move the file to the timeline.

      But when I try to play/preview the file/film I only get the sound.

      Settings: Pal  / AVCHD / Full-HD 1080i 25 ( have tried the other options to HD, AVCHD Lite)


      Windows are uppdated, latest Quicktime installed

      Camera: Panasonic SDT-750 using HX1920 mode (AVCHD).


      I have the same problem when trying with avi-file.

      Settings PAL / DV / standard 48 (or widescreen 48)


      I tried the same avi-file with PrE 4 on the same computer and settings and no problem at all.


      What am I doing wrong?

      Can anyone help me?




      Forgot to say:


      Acer Aspire 5742G

      4 GB ram

      Intel i5

      Dual core

      Windows 7  - 64