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    How Mix Down Audio Clips To Combined Track

    tomsalyer Level 1

      I have an audio track in P Pro 5.5 containing multiple audio clips, and I would like to "mix down" the entire track to a new one where all the

      clips become one. I want to be able to take this new single clip track into Audition and apply an audio effect only once, not to multiple clips one at a time.


      When I come back to P Pro, I can turn off the original multi-clip track, and just use the new Audition rendered one.


      I know I can apply an audio effect to an entire P Pro track in the Audio Mixer, but I want to work with Audition's

      Speech Levels effect and Parametric EQ.


      How do I do this? I've tried following instructions to create a sub mix, but I can't make it work, my new sub mix only has

      a yellow line, I don't see any wave forms in it. Is a sub mix the way to go?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would just Export the Audio, to say PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, and Import that into Audition, where you will make your corrections/adjustments. When done, just Save, and Import that file back into PrPro. Turn OFF all of your existing Audio Tracks (I like that better than Deleting the Clips), and use another Audio Track (and empty one, with matching Channel-count), and drag your Audition-edited file to that. Done.


          Good luck,



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            tomsalyer Level 1

            Hunt, thanks again. I'm a newbe here ... how do I do the export. I select the audio track on the left gray area, and file > export,

            and see OMF and AAF, but not Wav. Do I go into the export media area dialog and deslect video and only leave a WAV file?


            And this export will combine all my separae clips?


            Also, before I export, would I want to set a marker on the video and corresponding audio track, so comming back into P Pro I can resync them?



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              Jim_Simon Level 8



              Also...FAQ: How do I learn Premiere Pro?


              This is pretty basic stuff.  You should really learn how to use the program before you actually try using it.

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                tomsalyer Level 1

                I'm sorry but I don't see the combination of export settings under Export > Media that allows me to export the one audio track I'm

                interested in, the one that contains my multiple audio clips. I can set audio only, deslect video, but don't see options for WAV, nor choosing

                a particular track in the Media settings. Do I unclick the speaker icon in the timeline on the audio tracks I don't want to export?


                This may be very basic, but after three months with lynda.com, creative cow, Adobe mauals, multiple textbooks and emails to colleagues,

                I have not found clear explanations on how to get in and out of Audition and do what I need.


                Thanks for everybody's patientce.