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    Making intro for tv sport news

    Zmaj888 Level 1

      Hi everybody!

      I just started to volonteer on one tv station, and I do for them mainly work in Photoshop, but they give me opportunity to make for them new intro for sport news, because they wanted to replace an old one. This is very good chance to learn more about this job, because I use AE for 2 years...but I don't have professional expirience in doing this.

      Intro must have duration about 17 seconds...I plan to do some brainstorming for this task...


      I just make some intro but they are not satisfied with my work because, my camera motions are so slow, and they aren't fast and dynamic, as sport news required.

      I want to do some intro, but I don't know what is good to make...their old intro is array of video footages, which has tv scan lines effect over, and have blue color for blend mode...I think that it is old fashion.

      I want to make some better intro...I see some videohive.com examples, they have so many great templates but I must make something comercial on my own...

      could you give me some ideas where is good place to start?


      I could send you my slow motion work on private message to see. I want suggestion how to make these fast motion cameras and where I can learn to move camera properly. They said some rules: camera must zoom in object fast, then zoom out fast, object replace my be faster etc....


      They aren't satisfied with my video composition, and I feel that I know how to make something in AE, but I don't know how to upgrade my skills level to did it more professional...


      I know to do some models in Cinema 4D, but I am not a professional.


      I am ready to do all from zero... could give me some suggestion what to do...is it possible to make something good for tv, but nothing too complicated.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          You're starting off the wrong way.  You need to know what you're going to do BEFORE you do it.  There is a process to follow.


          You need to agree with the producer on the things he/she wants incorporated into the open.  Write them down.  Then start drawing.  You're going to make a storyboard, incorporating the things the producer wants included.


          How do you make a storyboard?  I googled the phrase "the art of storyboarding".  You will find the search results here.  You should look at them and learn.


          As you make the storyboard, you may discover that some of the things can't be done with your current skills or your software.  You research techniques you may not have used yet.  You look at new features of your software you may not have used yet.  You run simple tests to confirm that your ideas and techniques are good.


          You then show the producer the storyboard, and you discuss it.  The producer may want to make changes to it.  You must then use your judgement to determine if the changes can  be made.  You may have to tell the producer, "this effect can't be done here" or "this effect will take a lot of work and time".  You negotiate.  You come to an agreement.


          Then you change your storyboard and begin your work.  You know what you will do.  You know that you can do it.  The result: an open that both you and the producer will like. 

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            Zmaj888 Level 1

            Hi, Dave LaRonde, thank you very much for answer.


            You advices are very helpful.


            I must mention that it is small tv and we don't have video producer...it is small crowd.

            They expect from me to do anything, they want to give opinions for my work, but as they said, they don't know how to help me for this...they claim that I must know it if I want to do this job, I must know principles of video composition,and graphic design or if not to started to learn it...I know how to use after effects technically, but I don't know how to think like producer, you know. I am trying to learn principles of video editing, until now.


            So maybe it is the best to make some simple storyboard for my opener video. Your suggestion are helping me to go finally in right direction. For begin, they said that I must "copy ideas" from other work, and for now it is the best for me.

            So I started to find some ae project which I can see and try to make something similar, but I don't find anything useful in my situation for now...it is quite complicate scenes from videohive.



            So, I decide to find one scenes which I started to "copy idea" :


            http://videohive.net/item/gym/157686?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_autho r=aedaddy


            It is room with grid on the floor, I make it from one tutorial from web, exactly as you can see on this link, but again I have a lot of trouble with camera movement on video placeholder, like zoom out, and how to wiggle camera in one place to be more like live camera?! I read about connection null object which camera should track, but I don't any more clue. This is only example, because, probably I will always have same problem, because this camera tricks are used in every video, placeholders effects, like rotation, movement, fading in, out... are used in every video, with perfect use some same rules (which I dont know )... etc...and I don't have knowlegde make it good again...


            So, as I see the most important part is "think like producer", not technical part of building opener.

            As they said, professional know how to put object in right place, and next where will text will show, lighting in right place, good camera movement, all in one- they request good video composition, but I don't have clue how to learn that. It seems I must learn video producer job. I am right?


            I hope that someone be willing to talk with me and help me what to do, and what are next steps!


            Thanks everybody!

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              Zmaj888 Level 1

              I actually need some advices for video producing of my sport news opener. Do you have some examples which they maybe could help me? I only want to look it professional. It there any rules for that? 

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                Zmaj888 Level 1

                I want to make something similar like video clips below:


                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-V3cF17Vjc (this is my favourite)


                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F585Uc54eg&feature=related (something similar as above example)


                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXmwxwgVomo (fast replacing different sports logos)


                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaEY_Sh6jmc&feature=related (with 2d siluettes of sports)


                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLScZMJigm0 (it has interesting transition)


                I'm interesting to learn how I could making some camera movement toward video holders like from (00:13 seconds)?




                I respect all works here, and I am aware that it is one big science, but I must start with realistic attitude, what I can be able to make and not...but I need your advice where is good place to start to learn how to compostite video like on above examples...

                I imagine that I must have some scenes with different sports, with fast transition and at the and logo of tv sport news...but how to go further from that idea? Any help for young motion grapher?


                Thank you in advance!