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    Can I import output from RH8 back into RH9?

    JeremyinMiami Level 1

      I used RoboHelp 8 to build our company's help system. I took the output files and secured in a local file.


      I have since updated to RoboHelp 9 and wish to re-import the data originally from RH8 back into RH9 to begin updating the help system.


      Is this possible en masse without having to import each and every file? The data folder contains over a thousand files (html, jpeg, swf, etc). Thank you!



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should make sure you have a back up copy of the RH8 project's files (not the output especially - you can always generate that); make sure that your RH9 is fully patched up, and then open up the RH8 project in RH9. The RH9 program will do any updating/conversion it requires.


          If you don't have the original RH8 source project - only the output - then you're into a situation known as reverse-engineering. See Peter Grainge's site (grainge.org) for help on that situation.