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    [CS5] InDesign Server LBQ - execute copy of a script?

    lhanneman Level 1



      Currently we are using the LBQ (load balancing) to queue up scripts to be run on our instances in IDS. After the scipt is run, we're trying to (within our .NET code) delete the script file. This works most of the time, but every once in a while we get an IO exception stating that "the file cannot be deleted because it is in use." I've run several tests and narrowed it down to being directly related to IDS executing the script, but thats about as far as I've gotten.


      One idea that came up was to see if IDS could possible open up a copy of the script file and execute it (whether that be an option of the LBQ EnqueueJob() method, or a configuration setting on the server itself). I know that from within a script you can open up other files "as copies" but I wasn't sure if IDS had a similar ability. This would be nice because it wouldn't have to open the physical script file, thus we'd never have any trouble deleting it.


      Has anyone ever done anything like this or know of something similar we could try?


      Many thanks in advance!