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    Create a web photo gallery

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          I use the older plug-in as the newer ones are more limited and non-customizable outside of Bridge.

          In the older ones, you can links to other pages of your web site while the newer one can't. It works to some degree though I am using 64 bit CS4.

          but there is a problem, that I  an apparently no one else can understand. One link from one of my modified galleries will link to a family of related species photographed, in this case  moths. Every time I create a new page of something else, EG. wasps, I have to go in to the source code of that page and replace the moth link with wasp.  I have had to do this with hundreds of pages.  It seems that I should just have to do it once in the gallery teplate index, as I used to in CS3. But in an HTML editor, when I go to the moth folder (originally a copy of the white on black style) and change the name to wasps, and then change the link from moth to wasp, it will show in Bridge as a template choice but when I run it, the old moth link is still there.