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    RH9 Windows 7 IE8 TOC and Browse Sequence not expanding for all topics

    SteelcaseMark Level 1

      Followed Peter Grainge's procedure to merge help in RoboHelp 8. Installed RH9 a while back. Added new topics to child project. Programmers hooked up help keys. New topics appear for their screens. Customer noted that some (not all) topics would not expand the TOC and the browse sequence. It's not an either/or, they both expand or they don't.


      Browse sequence is based on the TOC.


      Other topics in and out of the project are synchronized with the TOC and they expand.


      I have deleted the browse sequence and re-based it on the TOC.


      I have generated the parent and child.


      I have copied the whdata, whgdata, and whxdata folders of both the parent and child to the appropriate location on the server.