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    Where are my files kept and updating links


      I'm farily new to using Contribute so I'm  not for sure that I'm even using the right lingo to describe what I want to find out. I'm looking for a place within Contribute CS5 that show where the files I have linked are kept. Becuase I'm not actually uploading images or files to the site..does this meand they remain on my computer? I work with several other programs (Drouple, wordpress) that I can see the file structure, file names, etc. Any hints? I'm on OSX 10.7.3


      What I'm most worried about is when I update a file..for example my "training file" and I want to make sure that if its linked to more than  one place, that it is updating that file in ALL the places I have it linked to. Trying to always remember where I've linked this file to is hard! Is there an easy way to make sure that the file is getting updated to each link? I was thinking that if I could see the file structure, I could delete the file and replace it with the updated file and it would update on ALL the links. Any suggestion would be appreciated!