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    JS help with Hide/Unhide a list




      Have a pair of Radio Buttons named "RetORIndiv". Button Values are "Ret" and "Indiv".

      ONLY when the "Indiv" button is chosen, do I want another sub-list of Buttons to be available, Named RetailTypes, with various button Values.

      IF the "Ret" button is chosen, then the sub-list is hidden, or unavailable.


      I have this working on another form, but the list that contains the JS is a bunch of fields, NOT a radio button set.

      This is what I have working on a NON radio button list, hiding or not, non-radio fields:


      // Determine if Check box is marked then use value to show or hide other Fields
      var nHide = event.target.isBoxChecked(0)?display.visible:display.hidden;

      // Get each field in the shipping address info and set to show/hide value
      this.getField("ICON").display = nHide;
      this.getField("Percent0.5").display = nHide;
      this.getField("Dollars0.5").display = nHide;


      Were I a JS geek , this would be a snap, but I'm not, so I'm looking for help from someone who is.

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          My guess is that it probably has to do with the periods in the field names

          of your radio-buttons. Can you remove those and adjust the code accordingly?

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            Well, the code I listed works just fine with periods.

            It, however, is in Check Box fields in another form. The rest of the fields "light up" if the check box is checked.


            This problem is with Radio Buttons.

            Highest level of buttons (2) are "RetORIndiv". Values are "Ret" and "Indiv".

            If the Ret button is checked, I want the next lower level of Radio buttons (25 of them) hidden/not available.

            If the Indiv button is checked, I want the next lower level of Radio buttons visable/available.

            Next level down is also Radio Buttons named "RetailTypes" each with a different export values.

            I have the script in the Actions tab of the Indiv Button.

            When I check the Ret Button, the next level down works.

            When I check the Indiv Button, the next level down is locked out.

            Exactly the opposited of what I seek... Mystery to me.