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    Ensuring compliance

      Contribute permits many things that I wish it wouldn't. Here's my wish list for the future, if indeed there is any future for Contribute.

      1) I want users to be able to make text bold, italic, even colored. But I don't want them to be able to create a zillion local styles. But if I permit enough freedom for them to use boldface, and they insert a Word document with styles, Contribute (or maybe it's Word) creates <style1>, <style2>, etc. etc. all over the place. (I just got finished looking at a single document with over 47 styles in it created in this way.)

      2) I want all file names (html pages as well as uploaded documents) to be named a certain way: all lower case, no spaces, begin with a letter. I wish Contribute had a way to enforce such a standard.

      3) I want users to be able to create only clean code. But if they select the first half of a sentence and make it bold; then select the second half and make it bold, Contribute litters the code with multiple <span>s or <b> tags and isn't smart enough to recognize that it can clean things up with a single set of tags.

      4) Contribute permits users to do things like mark blank spaces with tags, like making a line break bold.

      Those are some of the things that drive me crazy when I look at user-edited and created pages. Users who can never see the HTML can nevertheless manage to create some of the most convoluted and ugly code you can imagine.

      Contribute (if it remains a viable product) would do a world of good if it allowed more control over mark-up and more finely-grained control as well.

      Thanks for listening.
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          Wow -- those are important points and very sensible requests, thardy! I've no doubt that various forum moderators are paying careful attention to your suggestions and will be getting back to you about them VERY SOON NOW.