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    Where is the "Area" or "Help Area" defined in WebHelp?




      I'm new to Robohelp Server 9 and have what i hope is a rather "simple" question.  I'm building out a Robohelp 9 environment for a client in which they use Webhelp and Webhelp Pro to publish.  With this new environment they would like to start publishing only through Webhelp.  My question is when they publish via WebHelp PRO, they can indicate the "Help Area" to where they want their project published.  In WebHelp, they are not given an option to define that "Help Area".  I have successfully installed Robohelp 9 on the server, and created a context for this user to publish to.  The problem now is when they attempt to publish, they have the option to provide the server name in which they're publishing to, but there is nowhere to indicate the location or "Area" created to publish.  Once again, they are trying to publish via WebHelp. 


      Thanks for your time,