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    Dock an app on edge/side of screen like Digsby or Trillian

    jcase16 Level 1

      I would like to build an Flex AIR app that docks on the edge of the screen and not only is always on top, but also takes that piece of the screen and pushes every other app over as if the screen just shrunk.  Apps like Digsby and Trillian are capable of this.  Is there a way to do this in AIR?  Basically I want to create and app that allows a user to see updates as they appear in a list and always be able to see them because this app cannot be covered and actually causes all full screen apps to use it's edge as if it were the screen's edge.


      Does that make sense?  I found someone who asked this 3 years ago, but he never found an answer and AIR and Flex have come a long way since then.  Any help would be great.