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    Problem with Moving Armature/CIB Lesson 5


      I have Flash Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book and am currently on Lesson 5. You can download the file I am using from one of Adobe's E-book publishing partners here: http://www.peachpit.com/ebookfiles/032171332X


      I am using Flash Pro CS5.5. The following issue comes up both on Windows XP (5.1, Service Pack 3) and on Mac OSX (10.7.3).


      When I preview what the final product should look like, a buoy gently sways back and forth and moves across the lake. However, when I try to recreate this, the flag violently shakes around and the buoy flies around the screen. Even when I take the original .fla file and render it into a .swf, the same issue comes up. I did a lot of searching, and I found one other person with this issue but no solution. Does this occur on anyone else's computer? How do you fix it?