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    Two simple nagging questions

    Glitchdog Level 1

      1. Why does the time line sometimes auto-play back to the beginning? When I'm zoomed into the timeline once the program hits the end sometimes it goes back to the very beginning of the timeline. I can't seem to figure a rhyme or reason. What am I missing?


      2. Is there a faster way to view the audio waveforms in the clip viewer than clicking the dropdown list at the far top right of the viewer window and selecting "Audio Waveform"?



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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          1. Is the 'loop button' enabled?

          2. Nope.



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            Glitchdog Level 1

            On #1, no I checked that earlier.


            #2 Thanks! I hope CS6 will have some easier workflows.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Playback stops automatically at the end of the sequence, so if you hit the space bar to stop playback at the end of the sequence, it will actually restart playback at the beginning of the sequence.

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                Glitchdog Level 1

                Thanks John, I"ll try that, but I'm a bit doubtful it's the main issue. This problem happens (again off and on) on our main editing MacPro, an iMac interns use and my personal MacBook Pro. I first noticed it when an intern (had recently graduated from film school) complained about it. We dug around a tiny bit and never really found a clear answer.


                I was guessing it was my/our user error in some way. Learning a new way of doing things from our previous software.


                Thanks Jim, that definately helps for a few instances, but most of the time when it's happening I"m playing the last couple of minutes of a timeline.


                At first I thought I was accidently hitting a key that was toggling the loop off/on, since I keep gravitating back to previous keyboard commands from FCP. Old habits are heard to break The last few times it happened I checked to make sure loop wasn't selected. I'm sure it's probably some other little thing I'm doing wrong.

                Thanks for posting!!

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                  SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                  While perhaps not the issue affecting you, in Preferences, I like to turn OFF the option to "Play Work Area After Render", as this also has the annoying habit of jumping back to the beginning of the timeline, when really I just want to review the area I just rendered.




                  Jeff Pulera

                  Safe Harbor Computers

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                    Glitchdog Level 1

                    Thanks Jeff,

                    I actually stumbled across that when we were looking for answers to the other issue. Very handy tip!


                    Wow, you never really think about all the little things you set/do that make your workflow easier once you've learn all the little tricks and been editing for years on the same software. That is, until you switch to a new program. I should google to see if I can find something like that for Premiere. I've done the Lynda.com tutorials, but I"ve never seen anything quite like "all the little trick you can't live without series.

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                      Sometimes if you're zooming in and out of the timeline while it's playing the location of the play-cursor can sometimes mess up. There might also be a playback setting somewhere about having the play-cursor only play what's (according to the level of zoom) visible on timeline, or loop what's visible, rather than have the timeline move, the playback follow the play-cursor.

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                        Glitchdog Level 1

                        Thanks for all the great thoughts on the timeline autoplaying back to the beginning! I'm just about to start editing the 3rd project since we have switched to Premiere so I"ll pay closer attention to it and see if I can figure out my user error. I tried to duplicate the issue yesterday and it just stopped at the end as I would expect. All the best!!