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    Page refresh issue

      I have an issue with refreshing the page after logout. Here is the problem

      I have main mxml page which has a "custom component".

      I was using " mx.core.application.application.cnameInstanceId.role_name" to identify users role at "initapp" functions of the .mxml for the "custom component" Based on users role i was hiding a panel.

      The code works fine but when i try to login as multiple users with differnet roles, i have issue. I click on log out button, which takes me to the main login page where i login in as a differnet user, the initapp funcition of the custom component is not executing. If i refresh the browser before loging as new user, the code works fine. Is there any function or any piece of code that i can use in the log out function to refresh the page so i can make the initapp function to execute?
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          If you bound initapp() to the application's creationCompleted event, then it is called only one - since Flex doesn't know anything about users or logged in users of your application.

          Just call initapp() directly after the current user logged out. Wouldn't that do the job?