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    Rasterize-and-merge-layers shortcut

    magnet14 Community Member

      CS6 brough a nice feature that lets us merge shape layers as paths not as rasterized layers by using the usual menu commands or keyboard shortcuts. While this is useful, sometimes it's necessary to merge the layers as rasterized graphics (especially when the shapes have different fills). While we could just as well rasterize the shapes before merging to achieve this, I thought it would be nice to use the Alt modifier key to simply merge the layers instead of the shapes.


      It'd all be very simple:

      • Merge Layers/Ctrl+E on two shape layers — merge the shape paths
      • Merge Layers/Ctrl+E on two raster layers — merge the layer graphics
      • Alt+Merge Layers/Ctrl+Alt+E on two shape layers — merge the layer graphics regardless