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    File Formats

    bmohnsen3 Level 1
      Does anyone know where we can get a list of the 40+ file formats that can be imported into Director 11?

      Specifically - which 3d formats can we import?

      I am looking for a way to bring Poser files into Director.
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          Level 7
          3d formats... I think you are pretty much limited to w3d. You can get
          Poser models moved into 3d Studio MAX and from there to w3d. There are
          likely other in-betweens you can use. But you will likely lose some of
          the advanced stuff that Poser offers.... hair, cloth, etc.

          I have successfully brought Poser models into 3d Studio MAX, re-rigged
          them, then exported to w3d and used them in Director. But I don;t think
          you will get a straight import.
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            tyree_2 Level 2
            poser models the characters usually have a high polygon count. which may cause problems when you try and export to w3d, carrera can export to w3d and is linked to poser. you can try daz3d also
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              So there is no exporter plug-in suggested by adobe?? Is it a joke? Adobe re-lunch a software without tools to make 3d models! Make 3d models with 4 years old 3d software is a really good joke!
              I hope it will be fixed soon. the 3d environment is the only advantage I see in this software compared to flash.

              this msg is to Adobe director's development team
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                OK, I'll feed the troll... What are you talking about? There are plenty
                of exporters in plenty of software packages. The most recent versions
                of 3d Studio Max and Maya have working w3d converters. The original
                poster's question was about Poser, which the manufacturers have not
                bothered to make a w3d export plugin for. And the followup posters have
                pointed out methods of getting stuff from Poser into Director regardless
                of that lack. Why is this Adobe's problem? There are plenty of
                legitimate reasons to complain about Adobe, but this isn't one of them.