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    Ink Signature


      Is it possible to import a signature from a file (like a .tif file) and place it in a .pdf document using Acrobat X?


      I also use Nitro version 7 and this feature is easily provided and seccurely provided.


      I understand Digital IDs and do have one but an ink (wet) signature is often the only valid form allowed when including a .pdf document in an email.


      Thanks in advance,


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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The equivalent in Acrobat would be to make a stamp out of your signature and then flatten it so it becomes part of the regular page contents. You can also use the Pencil or "Apply Ink Signature" tool to add a signature and then flatten it. For a nifty flattening tool, see: http://www.uvsar.com/projects/acrobat/flattener/

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            kjpbkwaj Level 1

            Hi George. The process of flattening is part of the answer. It does resolve the security issue of 'permanence' to having the signature part of the document integrated into the paper and not being able to be 'lifted' or edited. However, the question of how to 'paste' the signature into the document in the first place remains. I understand that this can be done with the 'pencil' or as part of the integrated 'Apply Ink Signature' but signing using a mouse is a challenge in dexterity. Admittedly an input device like a stylus or actual inking pen with the right driver can accomplish this. I do like the Nitro approach that allows a file to be inserted and securely at that. Since it is graphic in nature (either .tif or .gif) it can be sized. It is easy to create a signature on a piece of paper and then scan it as a file to be used and is a much more realistic representation of your real signature than one done with a mouse or even a stylus on a vertical screen.

            Thanks for the info on the flattening tool; it is in my 'tool box'.

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              As I mentioned, you can make a stamp out of a signature image and use that. This is essentially what Nitro does and is a common use for stamps in Acrobat/Reader. Stamps placed in Acrobat/Reader can be resized and rotated, just like in Nitro.

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                kjpbkwaj Level 1

                Hi George,


                I was totally unaware of the stamp process. I've used Nitro for years and only started using Acrobat recently. When you first mentioned stamp I assumed it was a 'rubber stamp' that could be used in a template that was then flattened. Spending a short time in the help feature has helped me understand the value of your answer. Thanks so much.