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    Need option to change text justification

    lzlong Community Member

      I had asked this five months ago and have received no response.  I have spent hours looking for other desktop ePub readers and there are none that support DRM.  I have several to pick from for Android, all of which support the ability to modify text justification.  So why, after all this time, does the desktop version still want to force me to go cross-eyed reading fully justified text?  There is no natural break in the line, text appears either a little cramped or spread out - the end result is difficult to read.  Interestingly  enough, on this very forum I have the option for left, center, right or full justification.  Yet this option is too complicated to add to ADE?

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          lzlong Community Member

          Can someone please respond to the problem with ADE having no text justification option?  This is a huge problem which makes the desktop product mostly unusable for me.

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            Derek Leng Community Member

            Hi lzlong,


            DE is just following the CSS defined inside the EPUB book. There is no way to override the definition. To change the justification, you may need to change the following code for the .css file inside the EPUB:







            Thanks and regards,


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              lzlong Community Member

              Is it possible to modify the CSS file of an ePub file with DRM?  I looked for a way to do this but the embedded CSS file is gibberish (encrypted).  The mobile clients for ePub files all (or at least mostly) have the option to either ignore the CSS or to change various CSS settings, such as the text justification.  ADE has the ability to modify some of the CSS settings, just not this one.  I hope that this option is added since it is, to me, a critical feature.

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                lzlong Community Member

                Has anyone on the ADE team seen this problem?  At least two of my mobile apps (Aldiko and OverDrive) both support changing text justification for epub files; unfortunately I have not found a desktop application that supports Adobe DRM.  The previous response to this issue incorrectly assumes the justification setting cannot be changed.  Also, it seems rather curious that the ADE forum supports changing the justification but the actual application does not.  Actually being able to read my epub documents is critical, and having text stretched out and difficult to follow makes this almost impossible.