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    I've started updating Flare for use with Flex/Spark

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      Flare is a pretty cool actionscript library which allows you to make some pretty great interactive visualisations (or visualizations if you're American) of data. A couple of problems with it though:


      • It has pretty awful documentation. There's a tutorial that gets too in depth, too quickly and doesn't outline how to get up and running quickly at all, or what form of data is expected. &
      • It doesn't play all that well with the Spark architecture, making you 'hand draw' things on the nodes of a chart rather than just applying skins.


      I'm trying to rectify this by:



      The quickstart guide should get anyone up and running with Flare using the downloadable version there is from them.


      The second post has a partially recoded version of Flare to be friendly with Flex. I've worked on it more since then, and will continue to post updates as I get more and more working and cleaned up.


      I hope this will be helpful, as Flare has some pretty cool things going for it (and some baffling choices also!).