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    Mp4 (h.264) movie stucks during playing




      there is a problem with my Premiere CS 5.5 (Master Collection): after I export my project to h.264 (HDTV 1080p 25), it stucks in my media player (vlc) for a few seconds in the beginning, around 10 sec:

      it freezes for a moment and than jumps 2 or 3 seconds. But it is OK when I upload it for example youtube and it runs perfectly in windows media player, too. It has started from one day to the other

      and I haven't changed anything in/on my computer. I tried to watch these films on other computers too, also in vlc; some of them played perfectly and others made the same freezing in the beginning.

      Any ideas? I tried different codecs and export settings, nothing has changed yet. Oh and an important thing: if I don't put any effects on the clips, it works perfectly....