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    After Effects stops working when I install PS CS6


      Sorry if there is a lack of info but I will try and describe my problem the best I can. Also sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section

      Its happened twice now and both times I have had to do a system restore to fix the problem because an uninstall doesn't fic the problem.


      When I try and open AE I get multiple boxes pop up that say the same thing, something about a BIB 32:::2 error ( not sure if thats the exact thing )

      I hope this is something that can be fixed


      I have AE working as of now since I don't have CS6 on my computer but I would really like to try it out and still be able to use AE at the same time

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are using Beta software. That's all that needs saying. Problems are to be expected and it says so in the various disclaimers. And indeed this is not the right place - that's what the PS CS6 public Beta forum is for. Still, even they are going to need some system info which you failed to provide. On a more general note this could be related to hardware acceleration features, but really, ask in the proper place.