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    No Audio on mp4 Files on Android with ICS. IOS works fine


      Hi all,


      We are in the process of porting an air app to mobile devices. There are a number of help videos in our app which we are loading in from vimeo. Initially our Android app played the videos really well. This was just using the VideoDisplay component (which I know is not optimised for mobile but was working great). As all seemed well with the Android app we moved on to solve the problem of getting video to work on IOS. We ultimately achieved this using stage video and our solution is working very well. In the mean time the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update was released for my testing tablet (an Asus Transformer TF101). This update has somehow affected the way our app played video. Post-update, the video would play but no audio would come through. After becoming aware of this we moved to develop a Stage Video solution to see if this would rectify the issue. Ultimately this solution performed even worse by not displaying the video or the audio but just showing a black rectangle where the video should be. I know the Stage Video solution is coded correctly as the same code works fine on the iPad and Flash player.


      It should be noted all of these test were performed with .mp4 files, both local to the app and remote. This led me to try a different video format so I tried  .flv file remotely and this worked perfectly with the VideoDisplay component. However it still worked poorly with the StageVideo solution, only showing a black rectangle but this time with audio.


      I'm completely confused by all of this. I'm assuming there is some sort of bug going on that I can't get any .mp4 files to play with sound. Can anyone shed any light on this? What is the most reliable way to implement Video on Android (especially Ice Cream Sandwich)?