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    Pen Tool Question...

    Jeff_N Level 1

      The Pen Tool is my favorite / go to selection tool. But can it do the following...

      I've made a path and converted it to a selection, then filled the area with a color or texture (on it's own layer).

      Now I find that I need to adjust (fine tune) the shape I've created / filled with color or texture to better fit how / where it's being used. Is is possible to invoke the path handles and get it to adjust the filled area as you move / adjust the path. (This is not a shape, not using the shape tool.)

      I can select the filled path / layer and free transform but that does not give me a fine enough adjustment.

      Puppet Warp doesn't really fit the bill either.


      A good example of what I want to achieve is similar to when you put type on a path. When you adjust the path the type moves to conform to the changes in the path. I want to do the same thing with the area I filled using the path.




      If not, this would be a great feature request!!!


      thanks folks for any input



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Why don’t you use a Solid Color or Pattern Layer with a Vector Mask in this case?

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            Jeff_N Level 1

            I'll need a little more help. Is a vector mask the same as a layer mask? When I put a vector mask - reveal all on my layer with the color it looks just like a layer mask. But I don't see how that will let me use the path to adjust the shape of the colored layer.


            I'm trying to put a yellow stripe on a all black cable. I have to get the stripe to follow the contour of the cable. Here is a sample of what I'm working on.


            The yellow strip is on a sep layer.


            08 copy.jpg

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              Just create the Path with the Pen Tool and then make the Solid Color Layer or apply it to an existing Layer with Layer > Vector Mask > Current Path.

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                Jeff_N Level 1

                I think I see what your saying...

                I had been creating a path for the stripe, convert to a selection, then fill the selection on a new layer with the color for the stripe. But this makes changing the shape of the stripe impossible.


                Your method has me using the same path, creating a new blank layer, filling the layer with the color, then adding a vector mask- current path. This blocks out everything except the yellow stripe following the path. Invoking the path allows me to adjust the path which in turn adjusts (hides / reveals) the yellow strip. (which actually just a layer filled with the yellow stripe color).

                I'll work with this and see how it goes. It looks like you solved my question!!

                Thanks much...



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                  Jeff_N Level 1



                  Just to follow up on your answer....

                  Yes this works very well for what I'm trying to accomplish.

                  Thanks again.


                  Just an fyi, I'm also a NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) member.

                  I posted my same question on the NAPP forum. I still haven't gotten a response for anyone over there.

                  I'm not knocking NAPP, it's a great organization and I've been a member since 2006.

                  But I'm pleased with how much faster answers to questions come from this Adobe Photoshop forum.

                  Keep up the good work!!