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    My Photoshop CS6 Bugs, Ideas and other things


      First of all, great job on many new features like: Dashed strokes, Styles for your Character and Paragraphs, Background saving.


      I'm a webdesigner and I am using it now this whole morning and midday. So far so good, install went fine, working perfectly. But below a list of features I miss and a list of bugs or some other things I miss.



      - Changing the opacity of a layer from any number to 100% doesnt work with the numeric pad

      - Great job on the styles for typography, but why not doing the same thing for colors/swatches. You can make your own swatch library and you can attach that color to any object, shape, whatever. What would be really handy if you change that color in the swatches it would affect all objects who share that swatch. Really missing that feature a long time!

      - Still missing external use of images/psd's/ any format. That I can place in my document, for example a psd, and when I change the original psd it would also automaticly update the placed object. It's like using a library like Fireworks.

      - I like it when I drag my documents into photoshop, but when I drag a PSD to Photoshop it will open as a smartobject into the file wich was open, not as a new window. You can only achieve that by dragging it outside of the document, more like dragging it onto the option bars... Imo that's irritating.

      - If you make a vector shape, it creates a path. If you select the shape it will show the path outlines around the shape. When you apply layer effects on the shape the shape is still selected, so you will see the path outlines around the shape. It's very annoying when you apply a stroke around the object it still showing the outline of the path around it. In CS4 (don't know about CS5) you could deselect the layer, then double click the effects icon on the layer and it will popu the layer styles menu without showing the outline of the path, in CS6 that doesnt work anymore.



      I try to update this once in a while