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    Is there a way to change the size of a menu background?

    MGW of Boulder

      I would like to use my own photo as a menu background and reduce it's size to less than the full size of the menu.


      The photo selection sticks over a save and re-open but the size of the object reverts to the full menu size when the project is reloaded.

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          MGW of Boulder Level 1

          I am using Premiere Elements 9 under Windows 7 Professional and the Disk Menu in question is "Travel, Countryside".

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Have you tried clicking on the background in the Disc Layout workspace and dragging in the on the corner handles?


            (Some templates allow this. Otherwise -- no.)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If I were replacing a Background in a Menu Set, and only wanted it to occupy a smaller area, than say 720 x 480 for an NTSC DV Menu, I would go to Photoshop, Set my Background Color to black, do New Image, and choose the NTSC 720 x 480 (Standard, or Widescreen, as required) w/ Guides. Then I would Open my desired Image, drag it to that New Image, and Scale with with Free Transforming (Ctrl+T), to fill the area that I want, Flatten and Save_As PSD. That would be the Image that I would use for the Menu Set.


              Now, if you wish to see some of the original Background, around your smaller Image, there are two methods to accomplish that. As the structure of PrE's Menu Sets are Layered PSD's, and that structure is very strict, I am not sure if there would be issues with either of these ways.


              1. Do the same, as above, but choose Transparent for the Background. Then Save_As PSD, to use the Transparency in the PrE Menu Editor. If that does not work, move to #2.
              2. Do the same, as above, choosing Transparency for the Background. Open one of the PrE Menu Set Menu PSD's, and drag its Background to your New Image. Drag your Image over that, and Scale, as required. Save_As PSD, and drag that to the Menu Set in the Menu Editor.


              To work with Menu Sets, that do not allow one to add a Background Image, one could Open the MM (Main Menu), and the SS (Scene Select) PSD's in PS. Then, one would basically do the drag operation from above, to add their Image over the Background. I would then Save_As PSD, without Flattenng (very Important), and increment the first part of the name in some way. Do not alter the last part of the Menu Set's MM, or SS file names (very important). Create a New Folder in the DVD Menu Library sub-folder hierarchy, and name it something like "My Menus." Before you close out PS, Flatten each the MM and the SS, go to Image>Image Size, choose 160 x 128, and create PNG's the same Image Size of the other PNG's in the Menu Sets' folders. Note the required file naming convention for those PNG's also. Increment the beginning of the file name, to match what you did above. Place those PNG's (they are the "thumbnails" in the Menu Set Viewer) in that New Folder, that you created. When you start PrE, and go to Create Menus, your New Folder should show in the drop-down, where you placed it.


              Note: NEVER Save_As the exact same name, as your DVD Template Menu Sets' name, or you will overwrite those Menu Sets. The only way to get them back is to reinstall the Functional Content material.


              If you get lost, do not hesitate to look at the naming conventions in PrE, as a guide. Same thing for the Layer Set order. The structure is VERY important. Though I do this a lot, I still need to use one of the Library Menu Sets, as a reference guide. There is little latitude in the file naming, and almost none in the Layer Set order. It's the same for the folder/sub-folder structure.


              Good luck,




              PS - The same instructions should work fine in PSElements, but as I do not know, or have, that program, I cannot be 100% certain. With the above operations, one should not run up against one limitation of PSE - its inability to create Layer Sets (the Buttons). However, PSE can edit Layer Sets - just not create them.

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                MGW of Boulder Level 1

                Yes, I have clicked on the Disc Layout workspace and dragged in the corner handles.  That works but the resized object does not hold its size over a save and reload.

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                  MGW of Boulder Level 1


                  Thanks for the answer.


                  That is a good way to do what I wanted to do but a little more than I want to take on right now.  I'll tuck it away for another time.


                  I found another Menu Template that is somewhat more accomidative of what I wish to accomplish and I am going that direction.


                  It's too bad that PrE does not remember the size and position of the Menu Background through Save and subsequent Load.  After all, what is the purpose of allowing the resize and reposition if the resulting parameters are not retained?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    The only reason that a Scale might "re-set," that I can think of, is if it is not the proper Scale for the chosen Menu Set, to begin with.


                    Not sure if I asked this above, or if you mentioned it, but do you have Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements? If so, you can use either to Open the desired Menu (either the Main Menu, or the Scene Select Menu), and verify the exact Aspect Ratio, i.e. the pixel x pixel dimensions, and also the PAR, Pixel Aspect Ratio. Then, you should be able to Scale your Image to match that 100%, and then click+drag that Scaled Image, and replace the original Menu's Background, in PrE's Menu editor. The Menu editor is not really an Image editor, per se.


                    Good luck,