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    Using INDD CS5.5, problem with TOC - custom TOC style not showing up in export dialogue box.

    MystiMac Level 1


      The first time I exported my ebook, using Indd CS5.5, I was able to get the TOC styles I'd created to show up in export options, and my TOC previewed fine in the navigation panel in ADE (the newer version of ADE). Then I changed some things in the indd file, set up a new TOC style, using the indd "Layout/TOC styles" function, and now I keep getting error about incorrect nesting order. I've re-done 3 or 4 times. Finally I "trashed preferences." No help. I've even tried customizing the [default] TOC in the epub export dialogue, and it won't take my customization. Keeps saying "incorrect nesting order" and therefore entries are skipped. I have only two levels in the TOC style, however, the header, and a specific subhead style... So there's no issue with the nesting order. Only the header listings are showing up in ADE. Possibly all the re-do's have added a bunch of junk to the css? Do I have to go into the css?


      Free lunch to anyone who can answer this for me. Thanks in advance.