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    Where are my photos?


      Having altered a photo from an album on the new iPad, and having saved it, where does It go? I expected to see it in the original album next to the original photo so I can incorporate it into my slide show, but I can't find it

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi CaptainSlocum,


          Was this a photo you edited in Adobe Photoshop Touch? If so, you would want to save it to Camera Roll from the Organizer/Project view from within the app (using the icon at the top with the box with the arrow jumping out to the right). I'll include a screen shot.




          After saving it here it should appear at the bottom of the list in the native Photos app in the photos section.



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            CaptainSlocum Level 1

            Thanks Dave. When I save the photo that I edited in PStouch the only option it gives me is to save it to Camera Roll. But when I then go into the iPad native photo app I don't have Camera Roll but three choices, Photos, Photo Stream and Albums. The photo saved from PStouch appears in both Photos and Photo Stream. In Photos the only choice is to save to a new album. In Photo Stream there is an additional option, save to Camera Roll, which puts another copy of the photo into Photos! If I do save the photo to a new album there still is no option for me to add it from there to one of the existing albums (which were downloaded to my iPad by syncing from my iMac via iTunes). To say I am confused is an understatement!

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              David__B Adobe Employee

              Sorry to hear about your frustration I don't use Photo Stream myself and don't have the option


              I have three sections in the Photos app, Photos, Albums and Places (no Photostream)


              Within Albums I have my custom albums and one called Camera Roll


              When I saved to Camera Roll from within PS Touch the photo appeared in two places


              - In the Camera Roll album within Albums

              - Bottom of the list in the Photos section


              I don't use the Photo Stream option but I believe it just uploads the image to iCloud allowing you to be able to view them on any of your other iOS devices


              You may not need to worry about the Photo Stream option unless its something you use, here is a link to the page with more info about it



              Hope that helps,



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                CaptainSlocum Level 1

                Thanks Dave, that clears some of it up. I think you are right about Photostream being the iCloud bit.


                But I still can't get my PSTouch altered image out of Photos or Photo Stream and into my existing album. Any ideas how to do that?